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About Us

At Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours, our objective is to provide enriching and authentic Aboriginal cultural experiences while upholding the values of integrity and respect. We are committed to fostering a deep and meaningful understanding of the world's oldest continuously living culture through immersive and educational tours.

Illustration of the Australian continent in turquoise with a bright orange flame icon labeled 'Right Here' on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, indicating the location of Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

Where are we?

Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, is Nharangga Banggara (Country). From Broughton River in the north, across to the Hummocks and Wakefield River, then all the way south to Dhilba Guuranda - Innes National Park.

Who are we?

Owner / operater, Shane Warrior, is a proud Nharangga Kokatha man committed to sharing and safekeeping, knowledge and language for future generations. Mentored and guided by his Elders, he regards the accumulated knowledge of many millennia an immense privilege and shares it respectfully to honour his Elders, family, and ancient heritage. 

A Nharangga tour guide in casual attire and a cap engaging with visitors during an educational walk on a bushland path, sharing insights into the Aboriginal heritage of the Yorke Peninsula as part of Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

What do we do?

Welcome to Country

Guided Tours

Cultural Excursions and Incursions

Cultural Awareness

We'll Come to You

Cultural Immersion

For bespoke experiences, please don't hesitate to contact us here

A Nharangga elder conducting a traditional smoking ceremony with eucalyptus leaves to cleanse and welcome participants, as part of the cultural experience offered by Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours in South Australia.
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