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Cultural Lunch on Walk the Yorke

Cultural Lunch on
Walk the Yorke

Nhinni Wargun Banggara: Ngadlu Bammadja
You Walk the Yorke: We Come to You)

Be immersed in cultural richness during your Walk the Yorke journey and recharge with a nourishing lunch platter brimming with tantalising flavours of the Australian bush.


Meeting at your selected location, prepare to be entranced by Nharangga people’s deep connection to the land and their extraordinary heritage as our knowledgeable guide shares his culture. You’ll hear about ancient interconnectedness, Aboriginal sciences, and expertise that have accumulated over many millennia. Discover the intricate knowledges and traditions that have sustained this remarkable culture throughout the ages during an engaging yarn. Let us come and join you to be part of this unique journey of discovery and understanding.

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