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Accessible Tour and Bush Foods Lunch
Dhigadja Ngargu Wanggadja
Sit, Eat, Talk

Embark on an inclusive and enriching tour tailored to provide an accessible experience. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon by the warm glow of a crackling campfire at an ancient Nharangga bildagu (camp) that for millennia was a vibrant seasonal community. Immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage as you experience a traditional Welcome to Country. Indulge in a hearty, hot bush foods lunch followed by a selection of sweet treats using traditional ingredients in a contemporary manner. Discover the profound importance of this remarkable location, delving into ancient land management practices and the ultimate in urban planning. Hear about ancient sciences and marvel at the technological prowess of our Aboriginal Ancestors. Come and experience a truly immersive journey that celebrates the enormity of Nharangga knowledges, skill and expertise.

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