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Sometimes it's the little things we really want to know, so we'll do our best to fill you in ...

Why do we spell it 'Nharangga' and others spell it 'Narungga'?

Shane was part of the Nharangga Aboriginal Progress Association language reclamation project that began over twenty years ago. Part of that project was to construct a contemporary spelling structure around our ancient, oral-only language so that it could be taught in a contemporary environment. Over the years there have been many different spellings, the most common recently of which is 'Narungga'. However 'Nharangga' was adopted during the reclamation process to best capture the sounds of language using the English alphabet.

How will we find you?

Minlagawinu Wambana Wargun Walking Tour and Bush Foods Lunch is held at Minlagawi - Gum Flat Reserve on the corner of Old Port Vincent and Gum Flat Roads, just on the eastern edge of Minlaton. This section of Old Port Vincent Road is sealed. You'll easily find us at the shelter shed, see you there!

Dhigadja Ngargudja Wanggadja Accessible Tour and Bush Foods Lunch is hosted on private property approximately 1.4 kilometres east of Minlaton along Old Port Vincent Road, on the northern side. It is a dirt road, but only for a short distance. Please drive to conditions. There is a cattle grid-type entrance with no gate to open and you'll see our sign posted there. Please drive through and follow the markers at walking pace the short distance to the site and park nearby. There are sometimes sheep in this paddock but they're not pets, will not approach you, and will generally keep out of your way.

Other bespoke experiences will include details specific to the circumstances about meeting up in the booking information.

How much walking is involved and what can we expect?

Minlagawinu Wambana Wargun Walking Tour and Bush Foods Lunch is more of a wander than a hike! It's mostly informally made (with bluestone fines) and quite level (see photo right). There is a main road crossing which is relatively steep for just a few steps approaching the road on one side and some grassy area. The walk,  just 1.2 kilometres in total, is at a leisurely pace with regular stops to chat.

What do you mean by "accessible"?

We know what it's like to not want to walk for any of a myriad of reasons so we've added Dhigadja Ngargudja Wanggadja Accessible Tour and Bush Foods Lunch. 'Sit, eat, talk' is just what happened at this peaceful site for many hundreds, or even thousands, of years. You can park close by and sit around a warm crackling fire taking in the ambiance of the space while listening to fascinating details of the world's oldest continuously living culture on their own Country. This experience is only available during fire-burning season, generally May to mid-November but may be varied by authorities as necessary.

What kind of bush foods can we expect?

There won't be any confronting surprises! We love to use traditional ingredients in contemporary ways ... think hot and hearty kangaroo tail soup with bush tomato crusty rolls or wattleseed damper; emu meatballs with quandong relish, kangaroo and sea celery canapes; lemon myrtle melting moments; quandong and white chocolate cheesecake ... the menu is continually changing depending on availability of ingredients.


What shall I wear or bring?

Dress for the weather and wear 'sensible' shoes. Sunscreen is always a good idea; drinking water; any necessary medication. Feel free to bring a warm blanket to rug up in during a Dhigadja Ngargudja Wanggadja Accessible Tour and Bush Foods Lunch Experience if you want to, and we'll have some rugs to spare.


Will the kids like it?

There's never a 'one-size-fits-all' response to this question! Many, who are interested, will love it, and Shane is always up for some boomerang throwing if possible, and when the weather cooperates, but Minlagawinu Wambana WargunWalking Tour and Bush Foods Lunch and Dhigadja Ngargudja Wanggadja Accessible Tour and Bush Foods Lunch are not child-specific activities. There are nature play opportunities at both sites but supervision will be solely the responsibility of accompanying adults.

Are there toilets on site?

In short, no! Maintaining the integrity of these ancient sites is of premium importance to us and so there are no permanent facilities of any kind on site. The closest toilet facilities are at the Harry Butler Memorial precinct near the playground off of North Terrace, Minlaton.

What if the weather is awful?

A close watch on weather conditions will be maintained, but as tour operators, we reserve the right to cancel any activities if we believe the weather will be dangerous or extreme. If Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours cancels for this reason, you'll not be penalised financially.

Do you do other tours or activities?

We regularly take part in the annual Minlagawi Nharangga Cultural Day in May and Guranna Wilba Minlagawingga (A Good Day at Minlagawi), as part of the Nature Festival, during the October school holidays. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for other one-off events, or contact us for bespoke experiences. Additional cultural services can be found here

Why choose us?

Authenticity: Our experiences are led by Nharangga people who share their ancestral knowledge and traditions with pride and authenticity.

Heritage: We honor the richness of our cultural heritage and are committed to preserving and sharing it for generations to come.

Respect: Our tours are conducted with utmost respect for the land, culture, and people.

Educational: Every experience is not only enlightening but also an opportunity to learn and grow in cultural understanding.

Twilight casts warm light on an ancient tree with gnarled branches, standing in a vibrant green field peppered with rocks, evoking a sense of enduring natural history and serenity.

yaggi-wardli ... a sheltered place

A group of visitors engaged in a guided tour, listening to a Nharangga guide pointing out features in the natural bushland. The interaction occurs in a sunlit clearing surrounded by tall, native Australian trees, part of the immersive experience with Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

The walking trail is mostly over even, level ground.

A plate of gourmet Australian bush tucker, featuring a selection of canapés with native ingredients, including oysters with finger lime, macadamia nut crackers, and savory tarts topped with kangaroo meat, presented as part of the Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours' culinary experience.

Indulge in gourmet bush foods.

A Nharangga guide teaches a young child how to hold and play the didgeridoo in a grassy field, offering a hands-on cultural learning experience as part of Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for other activities.

Enjoying a tour

Some of Our Cultural Tours Team

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We love to work with people of all ages.

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